Highest-precision Electromagnetic Articulography (EMA)

3D Recording of articulatory orofacial movements

Articulograph AG501 – Features

With a Dynamic positional accuracy as precise as 0.3 mm (RMS), the AG501 offers the highest available precision.
Further information can be found in our fact sheet about accuracy or in the abstract on
„A Comparative Study of the Precision of Carstens and Northern Digital Instruments Electromagnetic Articulographs“ (by Christophe Savariaux, Pierre Badin, Adeline Samson, and Silvain Gerber)  Titelbild_neu

Position sampling frequency with an exact timing rate of
1250Hz – downsampling to 250Hz prepared by program

1 MHz high speed data acquisition for slow motion data analysis

Head movement corrected 3D-Real time display

Individual service and a strong community


It is widely used for linguistic and forensic research regarding numerous speech phenomena.

The Artickopfscanulograph is used for the assessment of speech motor behavior of individuals with Parkinson’s disease, apraxia, dysarthria, or functional speech motor problems as found in stuttering.

Non-articulatory research regards grasping movements as can be found in sign language

Built on experience, used by many

Carstens Medizinelektronik GmbH has been building Articulograph systems for over 30 years in support of speech research

Articulograph AG501 use and reliability backed up by numerous peer-reviewed publications, including published accuracy tests performed by independent users

Articulography user community supported by a dedicated web page (AGwiki) provided by Carstens for all users, with more than 400 members