• the AG501
  • the AG501 dual arrangement
  • or new the AG501-ip


General information for one Articulograph AG501

3-dimensional Articulograph AG501 with 8 / 16 or 24 channels

consisting of

  • Transmitter-holder
  • Electronics (Transmitter, Receiver, Power Supply, Control-Unit)
  • Calibration unit
  • Synchronization box: With this box you are able to synchronize your acoustic and other additional data streams
  • Program for head movement correction
  • The results of the positions will be converted to ASCII-Format (X, Y, Z as well as two angles).
  • Real time display while recording
  • One sensor HQ220-L120-B for each channel
  • Sampling rate of 250 Hz / 1250 Hz


  • One Computer (Notebook with Linux) to control the system
  • External sound card and microphone for synchronized sound recording
  • 2 additional packages of 5 sensors HQ220-120-B (each 140€):  280€
  • For installation and introduction (up to three days) – please ask

  • The buyer is responsible for the customs duty and all other taxes
  • Payment 30% in advance or by irrevocable letter credit
  • Delivery up to 6 months
  • Guarantee 12 months, except the sensors
  • Legal Domicile Göttingen