The Articulograph AG501 is a major enhancement of its predecessor Articulograph AG500. The table below shows some of the key differences.

 Articulograph AG500 Articulograph AG501
 h_julia2_8fblau  ines_head
Transmitterholder: Cubical structure surrounding the head Three-armed structure hanging above the head
Channels: 8/12 channels 8/16/24 channels
Sampling rate: 200Hz 1250Hz, downsampling to 250Hz possible
Accuracy: Precise with some weak points in the measurement area Very high precision in the whole measurement area;  RMS of 0.3mm
Housing/body: Carrier, stand with cube holder No more carrier, the electronics is now within a box of 39cm * 22,5cm * 9cm
Sensors: Twisted cable Reduced price by about 40%; Well shielded mini coax cable – nosofree coating; Easy to use connectors; Improved durability (usable about fifteen times)

A detailed comparison of the AG501 and its predecessor can be found in the PDF linked below.

PDF: Comparison AG500 / AG501