AG501 twin
Dual arrangements
The AG501 Twin

Dual arrangements

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Dual arrangements (i.e. the setup of two Articulographs to record several subjects during spontaneous speech) are becoming increasingly interesting for researchers. Carstens Medizinelektronik offers two options for dual Articulograph setups.

Articulograph AG500 / AG501 setup

It is possible two combine the AG500 with an AG501. This gives owners of the older models the opportunity to supplement their setup with the new AG501. The minimal distance to avoid interferrence of the two devices is 1.6m. If this distance is kept, the two devices do not influence each other and you get accurate, reliable results.

Articulograph AG501 / AG501 Twin setup

As a supplement for the new AG501, the AG501 Twin is offered for dual setups. The AG501 Twin comes with a different frequency which allows the usage of the two devices within a distance also as short as 1.6m. Get the great, accurate results of the AG501 for both subjects.

AG501 Twin

Articulograph AG501 Flyer (PDF)

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The Articulograph AG501 Twin provides the same features as the AG501 but comes with an alternating frequency. In combination with the regular AG501, this allows the simultaneous recording of subjects. The minimal distance needed is 1.6m. If you own a regular AG501 already, the AG501 Twin is a great supplement. See the AG501 product flyer to recollect the devices‘ features:

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