Articulograph AG501

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The Articulograph AG501 provides:

  • Three coordinates (x; y; z) and two directional angles (phi;theta)
  • 250 Hz / 1250 Hz sampling rate – ideal for fast passive and active speech movements and signal processing techniques that rely on oversampling
  • 1MHz high speed data acquisition ideal for slow motion recordings
  • Dynamic positional accuracy 0.3 mm RMS –
    for line movements of 100 mm in length valid for 100 % of all data
  • Integrated synchronous sound recording
  • Speech movements are easy to correct for head motions
  • High temporal and spatial resolution, therefore very suitable for recording small and fast speech movements
  • Real-time display of all sensors during the recording
  • The possibility to upgrade to 24 channels
  • Assured noise immunity of the device  / no electromagnetic radiation by the device
  • All-in-one-system with a stand, calibration system, computer, various software, and the necessary acoustic equipment for synchronous sound recording

The sensors:

  • multi-usable
  • only 2×3 mm small
  • come with a very flexible cable
  • nosofree® coating
  • shielded
  • easy to plug in

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