AG501 – Now available as a basic model


Herewith we would like to present the first extension of our product range of the current AG501, the AG501-ip (in parts).

The AG501-ip works with all functions and programs of the AG501.
Like the original AG501, our 9 frequencies are transmitting continuously (no settling time).
The data are transmitted with 1 MHz, the position data are provided with 1250Hz.

With the basic model the data can be collected and evaluated in the same way. Due to the absence of the calibration device, there is only a minimal difference in accuracy. Instead of the usual accuracy of 0.3mm RMS, the basic model (without calibration device) has an accuracy of 0.6mm RMS.

The AG501-ip consists exclusively of original AG501 parts. Thus the basic model can be extended to the original AG501 at any time.
The possible combinations are listed below

  • AG501-ip (basic model):
    • Transmitterholder with 9 transmitting coils
    • Sybox (Synchronization box)
    • E-Box (electronics including FPGA board)
    • Sensin, for 8 channels (receive amplifier)
    • 8 sensors (small size, high flexible, Nosofree® antimicrobial cable)
    • Programs for control and position determination
  • AG501-ip (basic model +):
    • Stand with height adjustment
    • Stand with height adjustment and calibration unit
      (corresponds to the original AG501)


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